Serving Organic and Natural Food for over 38 years. 

Monday - Friday: Breakfast 8a - Noon

Lunch Noon - 2p

Saturday & Sunday: Breakfast Only 8a - 2p

We at The Woodrose Café are pleased to be able to bring you the highest quality ingredients available. We feature as many natural, organic, and locally grown and produced foods as possible. It is our intention to serve the customer the healthiest cuisine while contributing to the solutions necessary to keep our world a thriving ecology in balance and a home for future generations. Thank you for prioritizing this vision as well by choosing The Woodrose Café. Enjoy!

We envision a future in which our agricultural and distribution systems are designed in a way that is environmentally sustainable instead of exponentially impacting and threatening biosphere collapse. People who agree can enjoy breakfast or lunch at the Woodrose Café and know that they are making the choice to support organic and natural food, low footprint design in a pleasant and comfortable setting, and with excellent skill.